Kletterführer Frankenjura Extreme

Kletterführer Frankenjura Extreme. Sportklettern im Frankenjura. Frankenjura Climbing Guidebook

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Panico Alpinverlag

The Ultimate Guidebook for Northern Frankenjura, for Grade 8 (UIAA) and Beyond. This is the first climbing guidebook for the famous Northern Frankenjura only in English. Based on the highly successful 2 volume Kletterführer Frankenjura.

With more than 120 cliffs and 2000+ routes this guidebook has everything you need for a lifetime of climbing on the best cracks in Frankenjura. Every cliff comes with a detailed description, approach and map. For every route there is a short text so you know what to expect and many pictures to wet your appetite.


Language: English



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Verlag Panico Alpinverlag
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Bibliographische Daten 1. edition 2006, 224 pages, 148 x 185 mm, Softcover, komplett 4 Farbig
ISBN-13 978-3-936740-35-6
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Leseprobe Kletterführer Frankenjura Extrem (PDF)

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